Perform a WATER AUDIT:

  • Record last month’s water usage
  • Make a list of everything In the house that uses water (# of toilets, # of showers/bath tubs, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.)
  • Find out how much water each of them uses each time they’re used Determine where you can reduce your use (fewer laundry loads, etc.)
  • Keep a record of usage (hint: keep a notepad and pen near toilets so a check can be added each time they’re flushed.)
  • Check for any obvious leaks
  • Now, do the same thing for OUTSIDE the house (irrigation system, faucets, water features, swimming pool, spas, etc.)
  • Record how often each is used and estimate how much water they used per time (gallons x times = total)
  • Make all possible reductions (cut irrigation time and frequency, reduce pool or spa ‘spillage’ etc.) and record what you did
  • Compare water bills…how much did you save?


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